A boutique quant fund manager

Our company has been targeted by identity theft in the past : If you are an individual investor and receive any communication from someone claiming to be from 111 Capital, please be aware that it is not affiliated with our company.

Our company

One Eleven Capital is a quantitative hedge fund start-up based in Paris (75002) and launched in 2017 by very experienced people gathering their skills to deliver strong performance with low volatility.

The firm invests in equities and listed derivatives using quantitative techniques that lead to an optimized risk return profile. The firm uses absolute return strategies without market exposure.

Every strategy is thoroughly backtested to verify that alpha generation is material before any live implementation.

One Eleven Capital signed an exclusivity agreement with a large renowned investor and is not looking for new investors at the present time.
We do not offer any investment service or financial product to individual investors. We do therefore not contact any individual investor, neither by e-mail nor by telephone nor by any other means.

Our people

The team is composed of experienced and successful quant traders, researchers, and IT developers, and is lead by Maxime Kahn, former global head of proprietary trading at Société Générale Corporate and Investment Bank.


One Eleven Capital is looking for motivated candidates in the data science space with a strong background in either statistics, machine learning, mathematics or physics and strong development skills.

We are always looking for talented individuals (Full-time/Internship) who have graduated from top engineering schools or universities of science or technology.